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I grew up with an early definite interest in movement arts, philosophy and poetry. It is within the intersection of this three that my career path took place, my curiosity leading the steps from Yoga to Tai-Chi, Shiatsu to Eutony, landing in the Feldenkrais Method, that I have practiced for over twenty years. 

Along with it, I became a Somatic Counselor, a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and Trainer and graduated in the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, approaches that continue to infuse the way I practice.

What started to unfold from my learning process was a sense of a rightful human way of being in the world: a grounding in deep listening, silence and honoring the rhythms of life's unfolding and healing.

The Feldenkrais Method has provided me with a multidimensional platform, vast enough to explore all my facets; and I hope it will provide the same to you.

Being multicultural and bilingual I bring an inclusive, non judgmental presence, the maturity of a lifelong practice of mindfulness through zen Buddhism and mothering, and the lightness and sense of humor that a committed life and its journey through grief and loss can cultivate.

My passion is social change evoked simply by nurturing an environment to bring light to the unconscious processes and embodied habits that limit us and hold us back from relating deeply, creating authentic intimacy and fostering and cultivating communities where diversity, equity and inclusion can thrive.

I share this work through individual sessions tailored to your curiosity and needs,  as well as in group settings.

If you are interested you can contact me here.

Two Dried Leaves

In my experience Maru's work is beyond her extensive training. Her talent exceeds therapeutic technique. With her sensitive awareness Maru is able to meet and track a client's process with compassion. She listens deeply and recognizes habits and patterns that tend to sabotage wellbeingness. Maru guides the client somatically to subtle reprogram and reconnect by considering other options of movement/behavior, allowing healing processes to be experienced from the inside out. Another bonus is her delightful sense of humor which brings  playfulness, lightness and enjoyment to every session. 

Sandra Perkins Coyote MA, LPC

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